Play in a bright, fun and easy-to-control game that uses the technology of augmented reality!

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"YOKO" is a story of three kids who meet and play in the City Park every day.


A magical friend of Yoko helps children revitalize their games and turns the trinity's notions into reality, involving them in an incredible world. Together with the heroes, small spectators can be at the bottom of the lake, in space, the raging sea, fairy forest, fairy tales, ancient cities and a thousand other places, the magic of Yoko is boundless. Heroes together pass thousands of difficult, but exciting tests and become real friends. Together Mitya, Vic and Maya - and of course Yoko - are ready for anything!

We propose to play a bright, fun and easy-to-manage game using advanced reality technologies.


Your children will be able to plunge into the world of Yoko, playing in salochki for cartoon characters - Mitya, Maya, Vika and of course Yoko!

Let's play? To start the game, download and print the game board: