About the hero Yoko is the most friendly magical creature
Yoko is the most friendly magical creature. These creatures once occupied the parkland before buildings and people closed it in. Yoko has a unique way of communicating.  language: he emotes, gestures and uses the word “Yoko” a thousand different ways. But somehow Oto, Vik and Mai understand everything. Yoko is quite old by human tears, but young in Yoko years, He has emotional and social maturity of a human baby. Yoko is all about good time but he’s unpredictable, emotional and contrary.

Yoko messes up the kids lives in the most wonderful ways possible. His magic is boundless! Most of the time Yoko simply acts and plays like one of gang. He does not use his magic a lot. But, when he does… he has the power to transform maximize or minimize existing conditions and objects like, for example… Yoko can turn a fallen tree trunk into… a floating pirate and make toy blocks into giant blocks to build a castle. He can make a cloud rain in one spot, freeze a lake, make the sun shine for too long. He can make a doll, a cheese sandwich or a ball bigger, smaller, faster, slower, bluer, redder, hotter, colder. Though, all this creates thrilling, chaotic and existing challenges for Oto, Mai and Vik. It comes from a good place. Yoko only wants to be helpful… and loved.
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