During of the 31st issue of the multi-series newsreel "MULT in Cinema", for the first time on the big screen the animated series "YOKO" produced by the animated studio Wizart Series will be shown.

Yoko is the story Mai, Vic and Oto - three friends, who meet every day in the city park, in which live their fourth friend - magical forest creature called Yoko. Yoko can turn any children's games into real adventures. In the new series called “Small safari” they all will decrease to the size of an ant and go to meet the adventures in the miniature world of the park.

Episode "Little Safari" has not yet been shown on TV, and it is not available on the Internet, for the first time it can be seen by the audience of the newsreel "MULT In The Cinema”.

Alexander Mirgorodsky, the head of the Moscow studio Wizart Series: "We are very happy that the series Yoko will shown to the audience of the project "MULT in Cinema", because the selection for the newsreel is very tough, only the best of the best pass.The successful launch of our animation series on two federal TV channels in the fall of 2015 showed that the project is in demand among the audience, the children noticed and fell in love with the cartoon. As a result of last year, the series entered the TOP-10 channel "Carousel", which confirmed the high potential of the cartoon. Inclusion in the almanac "MULT in the cinema" opens up new opportunities for us - we come into direct contact with the audience, we can see and hear their reaction. And the impressions of going to the cinema in children are very different than from watching the house on TV. What could be better than the opportunity to see your favorite cartoons on the big screen!

In the 31th issue of the film magazine "MULT in Cinema", which starts in the Russian box office on May 14, along with a new episode of "Yoko" also will be shown fresh series of cartoons "Luntik and his friends", "Squirrel and Arrow. Naughty Family", "Mi-Mi-Mishki", "Arkady Parovozov hurries to help" , "Magic Lantern", "Paper" and "Professor Whytoshkin”

Tatyana Tsyvareva, general producer of the project "MULT in Cinema": “Yoko is an excellent example of high-quality domestic animation. We could not help but include him in the list of animated series, new series of which we show in our newsreel, because there is everything that the small audience likes: original idea, funny stories and a charming protagonist who can realize any dream of a child. And now it's all on the big screen, with a massive sound”

"MULT in the cinema" started in cinemas in March 2015 as a joint project of the television channel "MULT" and the company "Digital TV" (a subsidiary of VGTRK and Rostelecom), with the support of the TV channel "Russia-1". The project presents fresh episodes of the most popular domestic animated series before their show on the Internet and on TV.

During this time, the unique project for the Russian film market "MULT in Cinema" gathered an impressive audience at the big screens: more than 850,000 children and parents watched the issues of the newsreel. At the moment, the releases of "MULT in Cinema" are shown in all major federal film studios and hundreds of independent cinemas throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.